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Nurunnaby Chowdhury (Hasive)
Nurunnaby Chowdhury (Hasive)

About me

This is Nurunnaby Chowdhury Hasive (নুরুন্নবী চৌধুরী হাছিব). I am from Bangladesh, a lush green sub-tropical country in South Asia. I live in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. I am a finance graduate and currently working as consultant of Bangladesh National Museum. I am also involve with Open Knowledge International as Bangladesh Ambassador & Task Force member of Mozilla Bangladesh Community. Hasive is my global username. I am with Wikipedia since 2004 but I started contributing in 2008 on Bengali Wikipedia & Meta. Beside that i involve Open Source, Science, Math Olympiad activities since 2006. As a writer, i writes about Open Source, Wikipedia, and Open Knowledge regularly. As author my written five books in Bengali about Open Source Software, Bengali Wikipedia, Mobile Apps, Computer helpline and Facebook which were published at the National Book Fair. My mother tongue is Bengali and my second language is English. I can also speak & understand Hindi.

  • Affiliation : Centre for Open Knowledge, Bangladesh Open Source Network, Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad Committee, Mozilla Bangladesh, Society for the Popularization of Science, Bangladesh (SPSB)
  • Activities : Writer, Author, Journalist, Wikipedian, Social Media Expert, Youth Leader, Volunteer, Open Source Activist, Translator
  • Education : BBA, MPA

My work

  • Outreach Program in the different area of Bangladesh
  • Social Media Activities
  • Write news & Article about Technology, Open Source, Wikipedia, Science, Education, Youth etc.
  • Organize, conduct and coordinate outreach programs such as workshops, meetups, seminar etc.

Contact me

  • Email: nch(_AT_)
  • On English and other Wikipedia talk page as Hasive